Interactive Femdom Game

Femdom Ouija Board
Femdom Ouija Board

Femdom Ouija

It’s just a game so it can’t hurt… right?

Instructions: For desktop and laptop use only. The planchette will not show up on your mobile device. Must be 18+ to play.

Use your trackpad or mouse as a planchette. If using a trackpad use only one finger with a small piece of paper (1×1 inches) underneath. Cross your dominant hand over the back of the your other hand and use the planchette that way.

This “game” is best played in complete darkness with a few (preferably black) candles lit.  Place your hand on your cursor or two hands if you are using a mouse and relax and clear your mind.  Close your eyes and count backwards from 50 while allowing yourself to become more and more relaxed with each count.  Remember to only gently hover your fingers on the trackpad or mouse, not press down hard.

Once you are completely relaxed, open your eyes and ask the Femdom Ouija Board a question.

CAUTION: May open spiritual doorways. Play at your own risk.
I am not responsible for what may occur as a result of using this Ouija board.

© Princess Shimmy. All rights reserved. Must be 18+.

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